2021 Applications are OPEN! Once again we will be completely virtual this summer. We assume with increased vaccinations, college campuses will open sometime next Fall and YRP will resume its normal in-person program in the summer of 2022.

- Wear a mask, save a life. -

You will still be paired with a mentor virtually to work on your UC college insight essay drafts. Each week, (Tuesdays/Thursdays) will consist of college related talks and workshops or a special STEM field scientist to discuss their college and work related experiences. Last summer we hosted STEM speakers from NASA, the National Institutes of Health, USC, UCLA, Stanford, UC Irvine, Intel, Google, and many more locations!

We, the coordinators of the USC Young Researchers Program, recognize the systemic racism that leads to the underrepresentation of Black and Brown voices in academia and in the STEM fields. We recognize that systemic racism permeates across all societal institutions, including ones that are tasked to protect and serve our communities. This leads to dire and enduring injustices for our Black and Brown neighbors.  

YRP emphatically supports the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and similar movements around the world. We join these movements to demand the dismantling and reform of all societal institutions that have engrained cultures of racism and discrimination. Black and Brown lives are invaluable and must be treated as such. 

"This was such a great opportunity and I learned a lot from it"

USC's Young Researchers is a six-week summer program. We match USC Ph.D. students and faculty mentors with motivated rising seniors in high school to conduct scientific research. Students experience first-hand university-level research while attending weekly workshops that provide basic knowledge about college applications and pursuing degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.



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